as opposed you as occasional

“No one told you to ask the way to say ‘please’ it?” Han looked at the two, tone, some of the cold.

“To live, that … …. The servants moment in a hurry, rude to you.” White son went to Han in front of seriousness of the apology of his face with a bit apologetic smile.

“We just passed by two, you would like to ask the way.”

Servants? Han Waizhaonaodai looked at him, the ‘Terminator’ look imposing style, will not concede to others as a servant, is likely to be wealthy to the door of the Hakka Han will be, so to say this ‘son of’ non-significant or expensive, as simple Yes.

Thought of this, Han look to his eyes become a little different.

Son saw that his eyes looked strange Han Xin, by his peering eyes staring at the warm heart some scared. Completely unaware of the Han mind has been printed on his forehead ‘Sheep’ word, he is dreaming of dinner moving in around him.

Mouth to swallow saliva, his back pretending to be heroic laughed.

“Nothing, the son has grown a lot, not evil servant with your home regardless of the District.”

Say angry it is false, but that no good son of the mouth, it seems that there is nothing too big for their malicious, offal is also very particular about the site selection of the bottom – where he was kicked in the most pain on only a few days.

Approached the familiar boast of white son patted the shoulder, do not care the next bad guy Han Leng Heng.

“Well you’re not going to Huaiyin County, away from the not too near, a little while can not tell. So be it NBA Basketball Shoes, I stopped by to send you over the past Well, I live in Huaiyin city.”

White son of Han origin of intimacy did not meet some fresh, remove the point of the shoulder slightly, pull the point away from his face, smile, some reluctantly.

“This will not be too much trouble you.”

“No trouble no trouble and have no trouble.” Han Xin drew back smiling on the ride hand on his shoulder, pharynx, mouth saliva, and my heart would like to feel really good, making the two feel the trembling under the weight of not smaller, ease and ah.

“Just eat a big meal I was dreaming that, were you to wake, eat only half full. I read this to, as opposed you as occasional, less auspicious day nike kobe shoes, I’ll bite the bullet to allow you to ask me to dinner When is compensation for it. ”

Having punched his back then haha, it does not answer the white son, went to big step forward, his mouth and saying: Come away, so dinner hour to the wine shop was full we can not enter the city.

White son heard Lengle Leng NBA Player Shoes, obviously he did not suddenly come to understand wine shop was full and he can not enter the city have anything to do. Han looked like a matter of course, dead set to Cengfan eat some good gas and funny Carmelo Anthony Shoes, gently shook his head forward with a catch of the Han. No good side did not say anything, holding the sword is still blankly followed.相关的主题文章:

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